The Allegiance of Gratitude

 After I read the allegiance of gratitude, I was really attracted. I thought a lot when the author talks about her morning ritual, that was rise before down and start the oatmeal and coffee before waking the girls. I was thinking about my morning ritual when I was in mid-high school and especially high school. I was live in resident hall for high school, and we need to attend morning self study everyday the same time, so my morning ritual was pretty much the same everyday, get up at 6:10 and wash up myself, go to breakfast. So I feel a lot when she says “Reflection was not a word frequently on my mind those days.” Also I felt a lot when she talks about the third grade’s oratory. She wrote there were only eleven of them and they do their best to start together. Their little faces are screwed up with concentration. I feel these hearts are treasure. 

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